Microservices Architecture

Pattern design: The Twelve-Factor APP Design

CNCF Overview Landscape


  • Design Solutions

    • Define Proof of Concept ( Business Study Case )

    • Define Business Requirements

    • Define Billing

    • Define Business SLI

    • Define Business SLO

    • Define Business SLA

    • Design Technical Solutions

      • Define Technical Requirements

      • Define Technical KPI

      • Design Infrastructure Architecture Solutions

      • Design Integration Solutions

      • Design Storage Solutions

      • Design Network Solutions

      • Design Deployment Solutions

      • Design Reliable Scalable Solutions

      • Design Security Solutions

      • Design Monitoring Solutions

      • Design Communications Solutions

General Workflow

  • GitHub as VCS with Terraform templates

  • Terraform Cloud Operator for Multi Cloud Infrastrucure Layer

  • Provision Kubernetes Layer

  • Provision Helmv3 Layer

  • Provision custom charts from ArtifactHub for custom stack around Odoo Community