What is Terradoo Cloud ?

The main objective of Terradoo Cloud is to transform Odoo into a Multi Cloud Native Business suite.

With an approach based on microservices it intents to build a solution for Odoo Community on a Multi Cloud Native Architecture.

OpenERP is a well designed software but it inherits a monolithic approach.

Luckily, it’s designed with MVC web server pattern and it has a powerful ORM with a tight database integration within a powerful RDMS.

So, ideally, it could be possible to split Odoo into microservices. But, it isn’t the main goal of this project.

However, an OpenERP/Odoo based project may needs other supporting servicesand applications. Terradoo cloud aims to provide a seamless solution to bundle such a project as a Multi Cloud Native application.

For example, an Odoo CE based project may needs additional services for email, communication, backup, monitoring, logging, tracing, security, domain names, networking etc. is one of the solutions that offers services around Odoo that meet cloud and modern principles such as DevOps. So, Why Terradoo Cloud ?

Why ?

Because with Terradoo Cloud you can set up your own Multi Cloud Native Solution around Odoo Community.

Terradoo Cloud is 100% open source with AGPL-3.0 License and it will be based on other open source software projects.

How ?

Terradoo Cloud is a set of open source software working together to build a Multi Cloud Native open source solution for the Odoo Community.

You can choose your preferred Cloud Provider or set up a Multi Cloud Native Solution, Public, Private, or Hybrid.

Putting together all technologies around Odoo Community.

To improve and promote each technology and thus improve and promote each software community.

Besides, it is Community Driven as it is based on open source projects and it intends to improve and promote each project.

So, you can design a solution that meets your needs based on the proposals of Terradoo Cloud.

Terradoo Cloud aims to build a documentation reference as a Cookbook for each use case.

For What ?

To improve the Odoo Community ecosystem.

To improve all technologies used by Terradoo Cloud.

So, you can design your very own solution that meets your needs based on the proposed documented experiments, coded and tested proof of concepts shared by Terradoo Cloud.